New Bolt Features


Improved adaptive mesh refinement.

A new adapt capability in Bolt 1.2 automatically detects small features and curvature in the geometry and generates smaller elements in those regions. The capability uses an automatic 2-refinement procedure where cells in the base Cartesian grid are split into 8 sub-cells. The refinement repeats recursively until a maximum number of refinement levels is reached or a user-defined adapt threshold is achieved. The user-interface for this functionality has been changed slightly. Under Advanced Settings -- Mesh tab, you will see the following:

Adaptive meshing

Improved performance enhancements.

Version 1.2 includes performance enhancements that permit Bolt hex meshing on problems with 10s or 100s of material blocks. This capability is especially helpful for meshing microstructure models where individual grains are represented by independent materials. The enhancements are also applicable to general STL input allowing for many more materials to be meshed in the same run.

New bounding box option.

In previous versions of Bolt, the bounding box used by the mesher could be automatically defined by the software or it could be manually defined by the user. Bolt version 1.2 includes a new method, that is, assigning an expansion value. The user provides a percentage value by which the bounding box will be expanded from a tight box. The user-interface showing this new option is as follows:

Bounding Box

New context menus.

A new Graphics View context menu was added for viewing selected mesh elements. The menu supports draw, zoom to, locate, fly into, show quality, and list.

Context Menu

Graphics hotkeys menu.

When the graphics window has focus, Bolt supports several "hot keys". Users can now select a menu item in the default graphics view context menu to show a dialog containing a list of the hotkeys. The context menu and a partial view of the dialog are shown below.

Graphics View Context Menu    Graphics View Hotkeys

New screenshot export option.

The File/Export menu now includes an option to output a screenshot in various formats.

Screenshot Export Option

Beta features.

Bolt continues to be a work in progress. Many users have found Bolt to be invaluable in their daily work. However, the technology is not suitable for all modeling and simulation challenges. Work continues to make the technology more robust and more applicable for more simulation problems.

Beginning with Bolt 1.2 we have exposed some of the beta features. The features are gathered under Advanced Settings - Beta tab, shown below.

  • Capture Edges This feature attempts to capture the sharp curves and edges in a geometry. This work is among the most challenging of all work happening with Bolt.
  • Scale the Mesh Use this feature to scale the final mesh.
  • X, Y, Z Translate Use this feature to translate the final mesh in a specified x,y,z direction.
Beta Features

Release Notes.

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Bolt 1.1
Issue Description
[BOLT-23] Refresh Total Cells when change cell size and bounding box settings
[BOLT-32] Duplicate geometry item saved in project file
[BOLT-46] Adaptive refinement Threshold distance calculation problems
[BOLT-22] Change element count from scientific notation to whole numbers.
[BOLT-37] Add keystroke to View Points for Back, Bottom, and Left
Bolt 1.2
Issue Description
[BOLT-31] Enhanced mesh quality scale
[BOLT-44] Startup cd command in Bolt needs to be silent
[BOLT-54] Fixed graphics error
[BOLT-60] Warning : QTimer can only be used with threads started with QThread
[BOLT-61] QObject::startTimer: QTimer can only be used with threads started with QThread
[BOLT-38] Add screenshot to export options
[BOLT-52] Allow user to specify edges or surfaces to use as the boundary of the Cartesian bounding box/Auto tight
[BOLT-55] Change Face to Quad
[BOLT-56] Change Sideset Pick Widget
[BOLT-65] Add commands to the context menu
[BOLT-00] Update Bolt GUI to use Qt5.
[BOLT-00] Adding fix for Export File Name Not Found SM-813.
[BOLT-00] Removing all references to cubitids in the GUI.
[BOLT-00] Updated the GUI for the Abaqus exporter to support writing node files.
[BOLT-00] Update the activation dialog in the Bolt Help menu.
[BOLT-00] Double-click was not implemented in the new QVTKWidget3 class.
[BOLT-00] Adding a tool tip to the new 'expand box' input field. The tip shows how
[BOLT-00] Improved adaptive refinement types GUI.
[BOLT-00] Adding context menu to the mesh selection in the graphics window.
[BOLT-00] Adding a context menu item and dialog to show the hotkeys
[BOLT-00] Making the hotkeys dialog read only.

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