About csimsoft


Who we are.

Computational Simulation Software, LLC (csimsoft) is a privately held software developer of high-quality engineering simulation software. We specialize in geometry preparation and mesh generation software for the Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics communities worldwide.

Our experienced team is a primary development group behind Sandia National Laboratories' CUBIT software and the developer of Trelis FEA™, Trelis CFD™, and Trelis Pro™.

Our history.

In the late 1980s, csimsoft's Michael Stephenson and Sandia National Laboratories' Ted Blacker co-authored a revolutionary paper, Paving: A New Approach to Automated Quadrilateral Mesh Generation. Their work evolved into CUBIT, a command-driven geometry preparation and mesh generation tool used by Sandia National Laboratories to support computational simulations for a variety of Sandia's physics codes.

In 1992, Dr. Ray Meyers joined Sandia's CUBIT team as the CUBIT project lead. Under his direction, CUBIT's use quickly spread to other national laboratories, government entities, and universities.

In 1998, Dr. Meyers formed Elemental Technologies, Inc. (ETI), for the purpose of providing Sandia with software development resources to further develop the CUBIT platform. Over the years, ETI has been a significant part of the CUBIT team.

For more than two decades, the CUBIT team has worked on ambitious research efforts to improve and discover new mesh generation algorithms, develop new tools for geometry cleanup and simplification and handle ever more complex preprocessing tasks for computational simulations.

Recognizing the commercial need for a robust mesh generation tool, csimsoft was formed in 2004 to make CUBIT available to commercial users world-wide. csimsoft helped create a GUI, including the powerful Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing (ITEM), a wizard-like tool for assisting users to create clean, meshable geometry and high quality meshes. CUBIT's sophisticated geometry preparation tools and robust meshing algorithms made it attractive to many industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, electronics, and manufacturing.

From CUBIT to Trelis.

In 2012, csimsoft released Trelis 14.0 based on the time-proven CUBIT code with specific features that meet the needs of the growing FEA and CFD markets. Trelis 14.0 is not just CUBIT 14.0 with another name. We've developed Trelis FEA, Trelis CFD, and Trelis Pro with the tools to meet the specific needs of today's engineers.

Branching the CUBIT code isn't unprecedented. In the mid 1990s, the CUBIT code was forked to become GAMBIT™. GAMBIT is a widely-used tool for Fluent mesh generation. Today, many GAMBIT users find that Trelis is easy to learn and goes far beyond the capability of GAMBIT.

Today, csimsoft is a recognized leader in high-quality meshing software.


Meet our team.

The csimsoft team consists of experienced professionals with more than 150 man-years of meshing experience.

Meet our team