Our product documentation contains information for performing product operations, interacting with our products through the SDK, and more.

Trelis documentation.

Bolt documentation.


RLM-Server installation instructions.

For network installations, RLM-Server software manages floating Trelis licenses. RLM-Server is installed and activated on your designated license server.

License activation and license update.

Instructions for activating new licenses and updating existing licenses. csimsoft products require activation using a unique product key. Products that have already been activated but have been upgraded to a new version or that have changed need to be updated to reflect the changes.


CubitInterface: python interface.

The CubitInterface API provides a Python/C++ interface into the Cubit kernel. Documentation for CubitInterface is part of the Trelis Online User's Manual. Go to Appendix, then Python.

Attend a training course.

Like to learn how to use Trelis better? Whether your are new to Trelis or want to just want to get better, csimsoft training courses can help you become more proficient.

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