Mesh Generation Tools for Challenging CFD and FEA

Trelis is an advanced meshing pre-processor for generating precision meshes of complex models. Trelis is based on decades of CUBIT development and has been used to generate high-quality meshes for really difficult simulation.

Trelis - Geometry Preparation and Mesh Generation Pre-processor


Users familiar with CUBIT software developed by Sandia National Laboratories and csimsoft, will immediately know how to use Trelis. For more than two decades, we have been part of the CUBIT development team and since 2004 have been the authorized distributor of CUBIT for academic and commercial use. Trelis is powered by CUBIT with many additional features to generate high quality meshes for CFD and FEA.

Trelis is available in three versions

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Trelis Data Translation

Trelis Data Translators

Importing CAD geometry and exporting mesh data correctly are important parts of FEA and CFD. Poor CAD data translation can make geometry cleanup time-consuming and lead to poor quality meshes. Incorrect mesh and boundary condition data translation can produce incorrect results. Trelis Data Translators help save time and money and get great results.

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