Ray Meyers, Ph.D.

Ray Meyers, Ph.D.

Director of Technology

Dr. Meyers has more than 25 years of experience in CAE software development. He received a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 1989 from Brigham Young University, where he worked closely with Dr. Michael Stephenson. In 1992 Meyers joined Sandia National Laboratories and worked as the CUBIT project leader. He left Sandia in 1994 to join Michael Stephenson at WordPerfect Corporation. In 2002, Dr. Meyers formed Elemental Technologies, Inc. (ETI) to provide software development resources to Sandia. ETI quickly grew to support the growing CUBIT project. Working closely with the Sandia CUBIT team, ETI engineers continue to provide a significant portion of the CUBIT development. Dr. Meyers is ETI's owner and president.

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